Our Museum and Shoppe return to regular hours beginning Wednesday June 10th!     
Weds-Saturday 12-4
 Protective masks are appreciated but not mandatory. We have missed our guests, docents and volunteers!


The Tiffin Glass Museum honors the heritage established by the men and women of Tiffin’s “Glass House.”


Through preservation and education, the Museum safeguards glassware made by the artisans from the factory’s nearly hundred-year history. 

Museum preservation work includes acquiring memorabilia and historical documents from the factory’s beginning in 1889 until its closing in 1984.


Donations of glassware, time, and memorabilia are welcome. We also greatly appreciate monetary donations.

Why not include a trip to the Museum in your travel plans? You will enjoy viewing the beautiful glassware that was produced by the skilled Tiffin Glassmasters, as well as products made at other United States Glass Company factories.

For the safety and well-being of our volunteers, dealers and guests,  we have decided to not host a fall show this year.  Please keep up with us on social media, or in person at the Museum and Shoppe,  and we hope to see everyone next June!   

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