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About Us

The Tiffin Glass Museum honors the heritage established by the men and women of Tiffin’s “Glass House.” Through preservation and education, the Museum safeguards glassware made by the artisans from the factory’s nearly hundred-year history. Museum preservation work includes acquiring memorabilia and historical documents from the factory’s beginning in 1889 until its closing in 1984.


Among the items shown at the Museum are popular lines, stemware, lamps, optics, and colors used throughout the factory’s productive years.

An exciting new era in the preservation of Tiffin Glass was begun on November 6, 1998 with the opening of the Tiffin Glass Museum at 25 South Washington Street in downtown Tiffin, Ohio. The Museum is the culmination of preservation efforts by members of the Tiffin Glass Collectors Club.

A display of over 1000 pieces of Tiffin Glass is arranged chronologically in beautiful oak cabinets.  The exhibit presents examples of the glassware produced at the Tiffin factory from its beginning in 1889 as the A. J. Beatty & Sons Company until the end of production in 1980 as the Tiffin Glass Company. Many memorabilia items are displayed as well. Other items will be added as the Museum continues to develop and grow.

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